Who We Are

Welcome to Mary Consultancy Services specialist traffic survey company providing traffic and transportation data.  Our business ethos is based on high-integrity data collection, with a focus on accurate analysis and reporting. Surveys and data collection include:

Junctions, Automatic Traffic Counts (ATC), Queue Monitoring, Saturation Flow, Degree of Saturation, Cyclists, Pedestrians, Crossing Facilities, Bus + Rail, On-and Off-Street Parking, Lambeth Methodology Parking Surveys, CPZ Reviews and Assessments, Vehicle Occupancy, Park + Ride, Number Plates and ANPR, Origin-Destination, Cordon Studies, Journey-Time, Questionnaire Surveys, etc.

Specialist Surveys of Traffic & Transportation Data

Junctions | Queues | On-Street Parking | Lambeth Methodology | Parking Compliance | Car Parks | Park + Ride | Vehicle Occupancy | Questionnaires |  Saturation Flow | Degree of Saturation | Cyclists | Pedestrians | Crossing Facilities | Bus + Rail Number Plates | Origin-Destination | Intricate Networks | Cordon Studies | Journey Time | In-House Video Analysis | Independent Data Verification

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